A Value, a Day! Promise for a better tomorrow

So this was my first guest post for one of the fellow blogger, I wrote it when Haransh was just eight months old… Every word in here means so much to me that I decided to publish it again here….. Do share your thoughts on the same.. ———————————————————

Spending every day and night with our baby we tend to become possessive and a lot more protective, I am no different. However one day, I simply questioned myself; “Will I be there to protect him always, do I have a promise for tomorrow? The fact is none of us have that promise, then “What are the most important things I want my son to know if I am not there tomorrow”? And I decided to write a letter for 7 days teaching 7 values; a value, a day! It’s my promise for his better today & even more protected tomorrow. Take a look and join me to help kids in their journey of this challenging life!

Monday: It’s a Monday, time to learn to be MINDFUL. The only Mantra to live is to “LET IT GO” and free yourself- You can’t control everything, sometimes you just need to relax and have FAITH. & just let life happen.

Tuesday: It’s Tuesday, time to be THANKFUL my child for all that you have. The more thankful you are, the more reasons you will have to be thankful for, consider this there are people who will never have what you have, Right Now!

Wednesday: It’s a the third day of the week and it’s time to be WISE, it’s important not just what all you know, learn, or earn but how you use your knowledge, learnings, & earnings

Thursday: T is for Thursday and T is for Trustworthiness. Make your promises with good intentions and keep it! Never play with anyone’s emotions, try to be the reason for someone’s smile. Choose love for its very rare!

Friday: Fridays are for Fun, but it’s even more to learn, be FEARLESS. Never let the fear of what would happen? Or what others say? Stop you from trying to achieve your dreams. Be fearless for what you want

Saturday: Day to set yourself free, but first learn to have SELF- CONTROL. The more you get the ability to direct your life, the better you feel. Either choose a pain of discipline or a pain of regret.

Sunday: It’s a lazy day, but let’s make it a SERVICE day. No one can help everyone but everyone can help someone. Be more empathetic, be grounded and be useful to others. Every Religion teaches us to be HUMAN first, help those who are in need and not just who is of your religion, caste or nation.

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Experience great taste and health with Niryas milk this festive season

It’s that time of the year again when the mood of celebrations is in the air. Everyone is prepping up for the festivities ahead such as Dussehra, Diwali, Christmas, New Year, etc. And when we celebrate, there’s bound to be loads of delicious food waiting for us. Milk based sweets and other recipes are the most common during the festive season. It’s the time when we stop counting calories and just let our gourmet instincts take over. However, keeping in mind the increasing cases of adulteration of milk and milk products, especial during the festive season, it is advisable that you verify the source from where you are buying your supply. It is recommended that you choose brands that come with the guarantee of purity such as Niryas.com.

When you choose Niryas milk and milk products, you can be assured of both great taste and health. Niryas has developed an integratedsupply chain systemwherein milk is sourced directly from farmers in various villages. These farmers use organic methods of milk production, which ensures optimal nutritive value and richness of milk. After this, milk is efficientlytransported to Niryas’ state-of-the-art processing and packaging centers and eventually delivered to customers. With itsefficient supply chain network, Niryas is able to supply milk and milk products that are absolutely fresh and superbly delicious to taste. Niryas’ supply chain network is also foolproof, which eliminates the possibility of adulteration. Moreover, all batches of milk and milk products are rigorously tested at Niryas’ advanced testing facilities. This ensures that milk reaches customers in its purest form. Niryas milk and milk products are completely free from pesticides and other potential contaminants and adulterants. If you want to delight your family with the tastiest foods this festive season, without compromising on their health, it’s recommended that you choose Niryas milk and milk products.


Fashion Must Haves

It’s a Friday, yay !! Fridays are for fun, but it’s even for Fashion.

Mom’s I know it’s difficult to take time for yourself but it’s important to love yourself too.

Shopping is something I enjoy the most and is surely a therapy for me, I would want to suggest the following must haves that I recently bought and loved it, let me know if you have any other things to add on

🎭 Purse Organising kit, I bought this from here on amazon and it is most important for me as I travel a lot and I keep changing my purse. This kit helps me keep everything that I need at one place and hassle free switching of handbags

🎭A three layered necklace from igp , goes with all my dresses western or indian, hence I don’t have to worry to carry too many and is not expensive at all. It is important to look stylish even when you are Mom

🎭 A long cotton scarf, you can check all beautiful prints available here from igp this helps as a feeding cover too #momhacks, and also to look stylish ofcourse

🎭A watch or a bracelet, being a Mom it is very important to choose accessories which will not hurt your baby I usually wear a titan watch or a bracelet I bought from a local store

🎭A good flat footwear, this one thing is like a lifeline to a fashionable Mom. You need a really good pair of flats with non slippery base simple and stylish, I suggest this one of inc.5 from Jabong

There are many more posts on Fashion coming up your way on Fridays so stay tuned .

#tip If you cannot stop thinking about it,buy it! .

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Yes, I can!

Motherhood changes you as a person, it makes you recheck your habits, choices, lifestyle and everything in between. It is a journey full of challenges for a mother, where each milestone is a surprise. Here the list of seven such times that i witnessed in my journey, when I said that yes I can! do this,I am a mom


1* Yes I can function without having a sound sleep

I use to believe that there is nothing in this world more peaceful than a sound sleep. It was almost impossible for me to even think to function and work throughout a day even if my sleep schedule was lessened by an hour, but it was when Haransh was born in last October that I realized that nothing is more peaceful than having a sleeping baby in your arms, and such a reward if it’s for full night

#yeahicn function even without getting any sleep, forget 8 hours i was smiling and running after not even getting an hour long of sound sleep.

2*Yes I can clean poop!

The first thing I was worried about during my pregnancy, was about the poopy diapers. Yes, I was not comfortable with the thought that I will have to clean a poop too the first time I changed the diaper it was a mess 😫 and I ended up cleaning not just the baby but bedsheets, pillow covers, blankets and clothes and ofcourse myself ..it is only after a lot of practice that today it is not a big deal, & #yeahicn clean poop now without a mess and without making face.

3*Yes I can console crying baby without crying, and blaming myself

Initially it was so difficult to understand reason for all those unconsolable cries that I use to blame myself for everything and cry for every little thing. Actually I never had patience to console crying baby, I use to search for some instant solution rather a stop switch, but motherhood is not a game it’s a learning experience I learnt to console, I learnt to understand, I learnt to keep patience and I learnt to give unlimited love. And now in just eight months of it #yeahicn

console my baby and make him smile instantly by just looking right into his eyes and giving big wide smile, yes i realized that’s the only switch HAPPY MOMMY HAPPY BABY…

4*Yes I can survive change!

I am kind of person who loves to be in a comfort zone, but motherhood forced me to change my way in everything, the way i talk, walk, sleep, eat, feel, dress up, and I am totally a new person

#yeahicn survive outside my comfort and it’s beautiful

5*Yes I can make songs on anything and everything

To teach baby to speak you need to talk with your baby about everything that you do, for a person like me it was difficult to think about this because i never had any conversation where I am talking without getting any response in return (even my husband had to learn to at least nod when we chat or rather when I chat with him), so when i had all alone time with #Haransh I started singing to him, even about daily chores, like Diaper changing time baby ka potty cleaning time…I know it’s not impressive lyrics but that’s how you teach…#yeahicn sing and teach my baby.

6* Yes I can be over possessive and protective for my baby!

I remember I use to always tell my mom that she is over protective, & that she behaves as if everything bad will happen, only with me. I use to claim that i will not be that possessive I will not be scared of any negativity, I will not be be over protective and my mom always use to tell me one thing,” darling you will understand when you will become a mom”. Oh man,She was right!, today I know I am just like her or may be little more definetly not less.

#yeahicn be protective and over possessive mom and I am not going to change myself atleast not for another 30-40 years, that’s a promise

7* Yes I can do anything to make you smile!

Sometimes I am the reason for your smile, but your smile is and will always bea reason for my happiness and #yeahicn do anything and everything for that twinkle in your eyes and shine on your face.

It is Motherhood that teaches you to believe in yourself and to perform your best, it is something that brings the best of your personality and is surely a wonderful journey
Do you relate to this?? Share your experience in the comments below
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Have you ever had a sick baby, infected by some or the other Guest who didn’t bothered to take precautions while visiting?, Have you ever been in a situation where your baby suffered because of someone else?, Have you ever wondered why there is no such law to protect babies from such people? Well, then this for you 

I have seen my baby suffering from a hand, foot and mouth disease which was because of someone who visited us with their sick child.(you can’t imagine how bad it is), Wondering what to do to make it clear to all others,  I came up with the MOM TRO 

               A MOM-TRO is a temporary restraining order (TRO) by a mom, it is a compelling option for anyone facing Guest Violence. It is a Mom’s order that protects her baby or babies from any or all kind of infection that is contagious and easily​ spread from any touch points. It requires the  affected to keep at least 100 yards of distance from the baby

Ten situation under which MOM TRO is directly or indirectly applicable to you:

  • If you are sick. This even means having cold or cough, most of Indian feel cold is a part of life, no I am sorry it is the most infectious  and I would definitely not mind you not visiting us than giving that Sneezy shagun
  • If your husband is sick. This again includes cold, cough and even a mild fever. Most of the females feel, it’s ok if husband is sick as he is not going to touch baby, I am fine and I want to see the new born, But no sorry it might be ok for you, we have a problem as we know some viruses travel by air too
  • If your baby is sick. This includes any and every kind of disease in the world. Please stay away​ not just for my baby but for the better recovery of your little one as well, for babies need rest to get well soon and a new born to pass on the lamp as if it’s a race 
  • If you have any kind of skin disease, rash or boils. Yes this may seem to be weird but I don’t want my baby to fight and use her immunity on your overflowing love
  • If you have undiagnosed fever. Do not try to save your money on getting tested by transferring it to us,and making us go through those long list if check ups
  • If you have recently travelled to any city or place that is affected by an unknown viruses
  • If your nanny is having fever. Just to please her and show that she is a part of family please do not try to visit us and make us sick
  • If your pet is not vaccinated. You may not care about your pet but we care about our babies. Do not visit us with pets who.have a problem of shedding hairs (it may be normal for you but not for us), sickness or any other issues
  • If you have conjunctivitis. I don’t know why people feel it is normal and would not affect babies
  • If you have long nails and no idea what 
    Manicure”means. We have no time to provide you nail cutter and no mood to discuss how bad it is

And if you feel you are not amongst those I mentioned above you still need to do the following:

  • Keep your face at distance from my baby
  • Restrict yourself from kissing on lips and or pulling cheeks
  • Wash your hands or use sanitizer
  • Do not smoke or come immediately after smoking near my baby
  • Do not force feed or try to tempt my kid from any kind of food which includes chocolates
  • Do not try to preach your parenting norms to us
  • We respect your schedule and expect the same
  • My child needs good sleep and happy mommy please do not disturb both

I hope I have covered all that is required still if you have doubt that you can visit us or not please FEEL FREE TO ASK AND CONFIRM.

Do you think this is what you relate with? Then feel free to share.

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Recipe using Slurrp Farm Cookies

I received this pack of #slurrpfarm Wholewheat, Ragi, Choco cookies and Oats, Honey ,Banana, Raisin cookies from #mybabychakra to try for my little one but they tastes​ so good that I was not able to resist having some,and why not it is healthy, tasty and perfect for mid meal munching.
They are rich in Calcium, Iron, Fibre, and Protien.All that in just one pack full of flavors. My LO enjoyed having​ them and it is now a must have in my food bag.
Today, I am going to Share with you my recipe of perfect freakshake,using these Wholewheat, Chocolate, Ragi cookies by SlurppppppppFarm to give some healthy treat to myself (this can be given to babies or toddler if you believe in sharing some awesomeness)


1/2 cup flattened​ rice 

1 cup Amul Milk (or almond milk) 

1/2 cup chopped nuts

1 medium Banana

And three to four Choco Ragi cookies by SlurppppppppFarm


Wash flattened Rice 🍚 in the running water and keep it aside for sometime

Chop all your favorite nuts, I used almond and walnuts

Cut one medium Banana and crumble

🍪 ragi Choco cookies

Blend all of them with milk ( take ur choice of milk  almond, soya milk or just Amul slim milk) 

You can see the consistency you want and add milk accordingly.

Serve with some chopped 🍌  and nuts toppings 
This is quite filling and I guarantee you won’t feel hungry for another three to four hours after having one glass of this freakshake. Perfect for breakfast or 4:00pm snack time.
Try this and do share your story in the comments 

You can buy these pack of awesomeness​ on Babychakra

Until Next, Sayonara!!


20th Century mom v/s 21st Century mom

As a Mom we all share many similarities in terms of nurturing our babies and taking care of them but there has been a tremendous difference in our lifestyle. And we are definitely different than 20th century Mom’s, I have tried to cover this difference in the below lines, hope you enjoy reading it as much as I have enjoyed writing it.

20th Century Mom had a Rattle in hand where as 21st century Mom she has a Kindle in hand

She was crazy about Saree, she is crazy about Sling

She worried about Guests, she worries about Guest Posts👋

She followed Saas, she follows the Sassy😍

She taught her Babies to say ABC, she teaches them to say cheese

Her Goal was to be a Granny 👵,her goal is to be an Insta Grammy 😎

She Breastfed in private, she Breastfeeds even in the Parliament🏛

She was scared of an Evil eye, she is scared of a Starry eye 😵

She Believed Periods are to sigh about, she believes periods are to talk about

She thought cloth nappies were the necessity, she thinks cloth diapering is the fashion accessory🚼

Had Zandu balm in essentials, have lip balm is in the essentials

Love was silent and in letters, Love is in pictures and has a meter💌📧

Learned to make Achaar, learns to do Prachaar😉

Her mantra was to sleep when baby sleeps, her mantra is Blog when baby sleeps📝

She Saved 💰 Money by making best out of waste, she Makes Money engaging in DIY

Searched for answers in Temple, search’s for answer on Google🙌

Her Doctor was only in clinic, her Doctor in on the click😷

She Pinned Clothes to dry, she Pins Interest to try📌

For her cookies were of Aataa and Ghee, for her cookies are of Ragi and Barley🍪

Last but not the least, her dream was to buy everything of Gold, her dream is to buy something of Rose Gold📱

But even with all these differences, some things that are exactly the same in both the century Mom’s is protective nature, selfless love and the speed with which she starts chanting prayers whenever her baby is sick or in trouble 😯 and I am sure this will be same for future mommies too.

Until next